Red Vein & Skin Tag Removal

Thread veins or dilated capillaries can be removed by placing a fine probe just under the skin, a small amount of heat is used to cauterise the dilated capillary. This results in the capillary drying up and then disappearing. The area is left looking cooler and paler. Small blood spots or spider naevus, often found under the eyes disappear completely.


The treatment can be used for removal of skin tags (small flesh coloured growths – commonly found on the neck and underarms) and milia (small white raised papules – sometimes called milk spots usually found around the eyes or on the cheeks).


A full consultation and patch test are free for these treatments and is compulsory.

Our Prices

Red Vein / Skin Tag Milia Removal

Skin Tag - (10 Minutes)
Skin Tag - (20 Minutes)
Red Vein - (10 Minutes)
Red Vein - (20 Minutes)
Milia - (10 Minutes)
Milia - (20 Minutes)