Lara Pepper – Sports Massage, Pilates & Nutritional Therapy


After graduating from the University of Reading (Geography and Economics BSc) Lara spent two years working for a major bank in London, however uninspired by the world of finance she decided it was time to make a positive change.

Lara has always had a keen interest in physical fitness and well-being having completed half and full marathons across the country, therefore making the decision to move into a career that was also her passion was an easy decision. She retrained as a Level 4 Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor qualifying with the reputable Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI), London. Her main interest lies in rehabilitative Pilates, specialising in lower back pain, and ante/post-natal Pilates.

Lara is also a registered Nutritional Therapist (DipCNM mANP rGNC) qualifying with the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London. The intensive 3 year course included a detailed study of anatomy and physiology, developing and an in-depth knowledge of pathologies culminating in an understanding of the power nutritional therapy can offer as a complimentary therapy to treat ailments, promote well-being and improve athletic performance.

With the retraining nearly complete Lara sought to take her education further and add a further string to her bow qualifying as a Sports Massage Therapist with Sports Therapy UK (VTCT). This additional qualification compliments her theoretical understanding of anatomy and physiology with the practical application of sports massage therapy.

Lara believes that caring for your body both nutritionally and physically is extremely important. In this modern stressful world where we are regularly desk-bound and confined to office spaces we need to make sure we all take some time out to nurture and reconnect with our bodies.


Pilates not only encourages better posture but also helps individuals to become more body-aware whilst promoting functional movement and core strength. Pilates is also beneficial for those suffering with issues such as low back pain, muscle tightness or other muscle aches and pains.

Classes are taught by a fully certified APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) Pilates instructor and are for all abilities, with exercises being adapted to suit the individual.

All equipment is provided, however if you have a mat you would prefer to use please feel free to bring this along.

Pilates 1-1 or small group sessions (£45 per hour) – These sessions are tailored to your individual needs and include an initial postural analysis.

* Please note Lara also offers Ante and Post-natal Pilates, Pilates for Osteoporosis, Pilates for Kids and Teens, Sports specific Pilates sessions e.g. runners, cyclists and horse-riders.

Remedial Sports Massage

Lara uses a range of deep tissue and sports massage techniques to help to remedy any current muscular concerns you may have. Whilst sports massage is a form of massage therapy, particularly aimed at those who engage in regular physical activity, or have done so in the past, these massages are also suitable for those who prefer a deeper pressured massage. We focus on the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit and relieve areas of stress, tension or muscle imbalances.

In your initial assessment we will carry out a postural analysis and work together to create a plan in line with your aims for the session. Following this we will start each session with a review of any changes and adapt the treatment accordingly. Please note newly injured tissue will not be massaged immediately but we can work with the surrounding tissue to help with any imbalances.

Consultations are carried out by a fully qualified Sports Massage Therapist qualified with Sports Therapy UK (rVTCT).

Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Therapy aims to support your body through a holistic and achievable changes, in order to promote wellness.

What to expect:

An initial appointment will last 90 minutes and this can be held either via Skype or at our clinic. We will discuss your health questionnaire and food diary, alongside your goals for the session. Once this is complete, the discussion will continue to your plan, aiming to create achievable changes taking into account your lifestyle. Your nutritional therapist will then send you the final plan alongside resources to support this 72 hours after the appointment.

All follow up consultations will last 45 minutes. We will discuss your progress and further develop you aims and nutrition plan in line with your goals.

Prior to your appointment:

You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment, along with a 3 day food diary to be completed on consecutive days in the week before your appointment. This is important in order to gain a view of your current eating habits and meal timings. Please be as truthful as possible in order to gain the maximum benefit from your consultation.

You will also receive a health questionnaire, please complete this prior to your initial consultation. There is a section to complete with current medications and supplements, please ensure the dosage and brand name is written down.

Supplements and functional testing: It is possible that supplementation or further testing may be recommended, please note that supplements and tests are not included in the consultation price.

Please note: Nutritional Therapy is not a substitute for medical care and I do not offer medical advice. In the interests of your safety, you will be required to agree to my Terms and Conditions.


  • Level 3 Diploma in VTCT Sports Massage Therapy
  • Sports Massage Certificate Sports Therapy UK
  • CNM Nutritional Therapist
  • APPI Pilates Instructor