Julie Robinson – Nutritional Medicine

I am a fully qualified (BHSc Nutritional Medicine) Nutritional Therapist / Nutritionist offering nutritional medicine consultations to clients who would like to improve their health and wellness with the wonders of nutrition. I offer consultations at Langham Clinic, Langham, Suffolk. Telephone consultations are also available. During a nutritional therapy consultation I provide dietary advice, lifestyle advice and nutritional supplement recommendations.

About Julie Robinson

For many years I have had a great interest in the relationship of nutrition, the food we eat and our health. The desire to learn more was fuelled when I became a mother to two wonderful daughters and I wanted to make the correct food choices for their healthy development. I aspired to take my passion for nutrition further in order to help others improve and optimise their health.

What is Nutritional Medicine?

Nutritional Medicine is the application of nutrition science, which concentrates on addressing nutritional imbalances in relation to healthy functioning of the body.


This evidence based approach to healthcare supports a person’s dietary and lifestyle factors in the promotion of health and wellbeing.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation involves a detailed look at ‘the big picture’ of you and your individual circumstance and health concerns. During this 90 minute session I will take a full dietary, lifestyle and medical case-history.