Langham Clinic – Our Environmental Policy Statement

Langham Clinic offers specialised treatments of the highest standard, performed by highly trained experienced therapists. The natural environmental is very important to us and we know it is also important to our clients. So everything possible about our clinic is organic, sustainable and carbon neutral – from our electricity supply to our 100% natural certified organic skincare and even our recycled toilet paper, organic towels and cotton wool. 

We have already undertaken several actions to ensure that the carbon emissions from our electricity use is minimised, both by upgrading to energy efficient lights and equipment, increasing insulation, and through sourcing our electricity from renewable sources – and in 2019 we gained accreditation to the Carbon Charter in recognition of this

Our annual carbon footprint from our onsite electricity use for 2018 is equivalent to 7.1tCO2e/year and we intend to continue to monitor electricity consumption going forward and to avoid emissions by using only 100% renewable energy.

We also always seek to minimise the environmental impacts of the products we use and the services we offer:

•Our key skincare brands are environmentally sustainable, ethical and organic.

•We minimise waste by re-using packing materials and recycling and composting wherever possible. 

•Our organic towels are washed in environmentally friendly detergent and line dried.

•We always ensure that all lights and equipment are switched off when not in use and at the end of the working day.

•We use paperless billing and e-receipts to minimise paper use.

•Wherever possible we aim to use local suppliers in order to support the local economy and reduce transport-related impacts.

We also ensure we comply with all relevant environmental legislation, continue to identify ways in which we can reduce our wider environmental impact and communicate to our stakeholders on the action we are taking and why this is important.